Why Should You Shower Before and After Swimming In A Pool

Why Should You Shower Before and After Swimming In A Pool

Should I Shower Before and After Swimming?

Yes of course you should! There are tons of reasons for that. First of all you should think of the others and shower. Because the pool where you swim used by hundreds of people every day. Just think about if hundred of them had not showered the chlorine in the water will not be enough to prevent dirt,sickness and bacterias.

It was before the shower and here is why you should shower after swimming. Because chlorine is a chemical that kills bacterias,E-koli's and other parasites. If that chlorine stays in your body more than 2 days.It will effect your skin too. And when you shower after swimming you leave all the parazites behind.

If the pool you are attending is not clean enough and of course if you do not shower after swimming you can get those diseases: "Genital area diseases,urinary tract infections,diarrhea,dermatophyte and of course otitis and as known as swimmer's ear disease.

We advise you to shower before and after the swimming. If you still do dont shower after this article,it is your loss :)

Have a safe swimming!