How to Swim Backstroke-Improve Your Backstroke Technique

How to Swim Backstroke-Improve Your Backstroke Technique

Backstroke Technique

Backstroke is known as opposite of freestyle.Its the second easiest style to learn after freestyle.

First backstroke style has found in 1912 Stockholm Olympics.American swimmer Hebner was the founder.He won the competition with that style.After than backstroke has been a style in swimming.Backstroke swimming is a style that you can do on your back.Your hands come to your head alignment and your feet always work.You should be relax while swimming backstroke.

Your head should be looking up.As it sounds you have to be on your back like in a bed.You have 15m of underwater privilege.

If your body is upright, you can use your feet easier.When using arms your palm shouldn't look your body.They always have to be looking for the right angle.Most of the experienced backstroke swimmers has their chins fixed in their body(This is hard to do at the first time,don't push it much.If you don't do that that is also okay.)

Backstroke is a easy style to learn but it is not that easy to improve.As its for the other styles you have to train hard.Some equipments may be useful for you to swim backstroke.You can check them What Equipments Do You Need For Swimming